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How To Get To Annulment in Orange County California

When you feel your marriage is coming to an end, it is time to take position and do something to be a step ahead.

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While in most of the cases, a divorce is what you need in order to end your marriage, there are also some alternatives to divorce, which you can use, depending on your situation. One of the alternatives is the annulment and if you need advice regarding Annulment in Orange County California, then you need to contact an Attorney who can provide you with proper advice and help in this domain. Some of the best Attorneys that you will find in California are part of Tritt & Tritt.

The Annulment in Orange County California is available for you in case your marriage or domestic partnership is invalid from legal point of view. If you are in this situation, then an annulment is the best option, instead of divorce. In California, an annulment is possible if a marriage is legally invalid or void, which means that the marriage was actually never valid. This usually happens in case one of the parties was not capable of entering into marriage. In order to get Annulment in Orange County California, one of the following circumstances need to be met:

  • One of the parties was too young to legally get married
  • One of the parties was already married, which is defined as bigamy and is legally not permitted
  • The marriage is an incestuous one, which means that the spouses are related to each other within a degree of relationship that prohibits them to be married
  • One of the parties is not allowed to enter into a marriage contract due to lack of mental capacity
  • One of the spouses was forced into the marriage
  • One of the spouses used fraud to trick the other party into the marriage

With the help of a specialized Attorney, you can get an annulment in California, which has its advantages, as well as disadvantages as compared to a divorce. For example, one of the advantages of annulment is that it can be completed more quickly than a divorce. However, a disadvantage may be considered that by obtaining an annulment, the spouses lose any marital property rights, as well as any spousal support. Considering all of the aspects of an Annulment in Orange County California, you are strongly recommended to get legal advice from an experienced Attorney before proceeding with the annulment process.

Whenever you need any legal advice regarding your marriage and your interest in divorce or annulment, you can contact Tritt & Tritt. Getting an annulment in California requires you a bit of advice and information before proceeding, in order to make sure everything will have the outcome you need.